iPhones: Not just a trend!

The iPhone is a line of smartphones that has captivated the hearts of gadget geeks around the world, with its top-notch features and sleek design. The first generation iPhone was presented to the public on 29th June 2007. Since then, it has released smartphones from 13 different generations, each with upgrades from the existing generation. From the initial stage till the present day, the designing, as well as the marketing of the released products, are taken care of by Apple Inc.

Apple iPhone history: Look how much the iPhone has changed

Though it broadly falls in the category of smartphones, the operating system featured in iPhones is iOS, which is different from Android OS, which is used in other smartphones. What sets iPhones apart from others is the iOS, which is meticulously designed to make flawless recreation far from possible. The Advanced Encryption Standard used in iOS makes iPhones one of the hardest smartphone series to decode, not to forget the indefatigable software and hardware integration.

The first generation iPhone came as a trendsetter in the mobile phone industry. The GSM established designs that continue to persist until today. Consumers have seen evolvement in every new model. The latest iPhone available in the market is the iPhone SE, which was launched on 15th April 2020. As expected, the new model saw improvement in its features with wireless charging, water-resistance, and lots more.

Apple's iOS May Contain Backdoors to Leak Sensitive Information ...

The ‘i’ in iPhones has rouse curiosity of millions of iPhone lovers. When Steve Jobs introduced iMac in 1998, he stated that ‘i’ stood for the Internet. However, that is not where things end. He further stated that ‘i’ also stands for Individual, Information, Instruct, Inform and Inspire. More than 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold, as of 1st November 2018, making it the bestselling smartphone line of all times.