Impact On Technology Advancements Due To COVID

The effects of COVID 19 have a significant impact on various technological sectors affecting the supply chain, raw materials, and many more. But in the long run, it also seems that evolving technology will tend to have numerous benefits in several sectors after the outbreak of COVID 19. Let’s have a look at some of the major evolving technologies and how COVID 19 pandemic can it can be affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Investments In Smart Cities

Several smart cities around the world are employing advanced technologies in an attempt to mitigate the impact of COVID 19. For example, China is using a drone with thermal sensors to identify the people in public who are having a high fever. This solution will fall within the domains of smart cities by providing a worthwhile investment to that place during the crises.

A Setback For 5G

The shift to next-generation 5G networks in the smart cities will be delayed. The operators who purchase 5G gear will be dealing with reduced demands. This is a big blow for the companies that were supported to boost productivity through the upgrades to an organization’s wireless network. The development of global standards for 5G has been stopped while freezing an essential update for industry users like connecting thousands of sensors that can be divided into small parts for different users.

Telehealth To Take Off

Demand for telehealth services will be seen to rise. Several forms of remote tracking can assist to alleviate a crunch at hospitals in order to bring more care for a number of people. Various households and nursing will pursue to connect health devices ranging from wireless monitoring systems to wearable health trackers that can detect falls and moments.

Virtual Reality Will Get To Shine

Smart glasses will seek new demands as travel restrictions continue to obstruct businesses. Video cameras with glass lenses will overplay the most important digital information. This will let the users enable better remote work by creating virtual meetings in the offices or job sites.

Still, the evolving technology is playing a key role in fighting against coronavirus and will continue to do so in future. 5G, virtual reality, and many will be seen to shape the world of the future.