Impact on latest technology due to COVID

The outbreak of coronavirus has proved to be one of the most adverse phenomena which occurred in the 21st century. It has not only killed numerous people but also had a very bad effect on the global economy. Various businesses are on the verge of shut down due to it. But, the outbreak of COVID-19 has helped some businesses in their growth. Similarly, there are some of the areas of the technologies that are adversely affected by COVID-19 while some got a chance to flourish.

1) Impact of COVID-19 on the Mobile Applications

Since most of the people are spending time in lockdown, most of the malls, movie theatres are closed. Hence the usage of the internet has increased to a great extent. People are now glued to social media applications. Several countries are also using mobile applications to track COVID-19. It is observed that the business of applications like Zoom, Netflix, and Amazon has sky-rocketed. But, it is expected that after the period of lockdown gets over this business will see a slowdown.

2) Impact of COVID-19 on IoT

The field of IoT is very much dependent on research and development. Every IoT gadget needs a tons amount of research and expertise over the technology before it gets executed. But, during the period of the lockdown, the engineers aren’t able to build successful applications for the IoT gadgets hence this business may face downfall to a certain extent. Apart from this, a certain growth is expected to be seen in the business.

3) Impact of COVID-19 on Data Science

During the time of the outbreak of coronavirus, data science has seen a boom as compared to the business of other technologies. Many countries are taking the help of data science to predict the damage done by the pandemic. Various organizations are preparing software that can suggest solutions to this problem. Though the business has seen a little depression in the starting now it is recovering well. Many hospitals are using data science to track the symptoms of COVID-19 patients.

4) Impact of COVID-19 on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced form of data science. The AI is proven to be a huge help in fighting the pandemic. Many organizations have designed automated robots with the help of AI. These robots are helping various medical staff in bringing PPE kits, medicines, and other medical equipment. Since the COVID-19 spreads very rapidly, these robots are the safest way to transfer the essentials among the doctors.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected the whole world. It is predicted by various economists that the economy will take some time to get back on track. Therefore, in these times many businesses are facing a backlash; hence it has become a tough situation to deal with. One of the best things is that we are living in time technology. People are still willing to invest in this sector. So, the technology can help in boosting the economy to a great extent.