Impact Of COVID 19 On Product Launches

The global COVID 19 pandemic has made really difficult for the markets and companies to know-how business, as usual, should look like. It has caused global organizations to refocus and reexamine everything in the field of marketing strategy. Until it settles down to normal, businesses would not be able to launch their new services and products. It’s also worth noting that some companies have also positioned their launches during the pandemic. Let’s have a look at what sectors of business are suffering from the same and who have made their best approach to products at this time.

Food Supply Chains

During the beginning of COVID 19 pandemic, several grocery retailers have made a decision to stop semi-annual shelf resets. Now they aim to beat the new planned product launches. This leaves the companies of consumer goods to analyze short term innovation, new approaches to products and their role in the market through the eyes of the end-users. In the current and post COVID 19 environment, consumers will demand transparency and accessibility from brands and retailers.

A number of new products that were suggested to launch are already in production. But still, many customers are not able to get the product on the shelf. Particularly within beverages and food, brand manufacturers should look beyond the traditional channels of supermarkets and consider potential foodservice partnerships that they have ignored or reduced altogether.

Home Care

The underlying home care sales have grown up to 2%. Many home housing brands have enhanced the demands for household cleaning products with underlying sales growth. In China, they have exceeded the launch of new botanical germ-killing range to address the demands for natural cleaning supported by effective and advanced technology.

Food And Refreshments

It is no secret that the restaurant industry is also struggling during the times of COVID 19 pandemic. However, fast food and other restaurants that are already experts in the delivery game present a new launch for innovative products. Food delivery services can thus launch the new product or meal which can lead to increase impressions and potential for trial.

The spread of coronavirus has tremendous changes in our markets. The lockdowns implemented in various countries have diversified in severity, but all had some impact on the patterns of consumer demand and seem to possess a huge impact on the supply of goods. However, household and food supply chains have resulted in an increased volume in most of the markets.