How Digital Technologies Are Critical In Facing COVID-19 Pandemic?

With the effect of ongoing lockdown in many countries, people are relying more on the internet for advice and information. The pandemic is compelling societies and governments to turn towards digital technologies to respond to the current crises. The full use of technologies is seen to encounter the COVID 19 pandemic and address a varied range of issues related to the crises. We have highlighted the major ways that how digital technologies and devices have made a huge influence during the pandemic.

Use Of Apps

Many universities and government agencies have been continuously working on apps will enable people to track their coronavirus symptoms and other health-related information. This will also enable them to acknowledge the updates for the ones in their surroundings who have contracted the virus. Moreover, GPS in a smartphone provides a unique opportunity to have an effective contract tracking.

The government has also developed new services and apps to assist people in the fight against coronavirus. The services will facilitate the delivery of food and other basic items to the ones who cannot afford to buy during the crises. This is taking place through digital government services. The researches have found that there is an improvement in the usage of online services including digital signature and digital ID due to the spike of other social benefits and applications for unemployment.

Focus On Digital Tools

Governments are often looking towards human and financial resource capabilities to efficiently and quickly develop digital tools that can help people during such situations. They are seeking to work with social entrepreneurs and technology companies to make use of current technologies in order to fulfill the requirements of the people. Moreover, the government is looking to embrace new policies and technological developments to support sustainable development in their respective countries.

In many countries, the scientists have found that digital applications will enable the people to trace the ones with whom they have been in contact with and warm the people if any of their contacts have been tested positive for the COVID 19. This way they can decide to self isolate from them.

It is very crucial to merge personal digital services together with data science during the COVID 19 pandemic. Though, digital technologies that are employed at the time of pandemic also come with certain risks and challenges. Therefore, we must be critical and must look at how this evolving technology can truly benefit you and others during the crises.