How Cyber Security Is Affected By COVID-19?

The COVID 19 outbreak is still active in most of the countries across the world. Such crises have led cybercriminals to actively exploit it for their personal gain. It seems that cyberattacks will cause threats to the industries and organizations that are often targeted regardless of any time of crises. The most crucial industries are at high risk while others have already hit hardest by the outbreak. Let’s have a look at how cyber security has adversely affected the major sectors.

Healthcare Sector

The upcoming months are seen to be more difficult for the healthcare industry. During the mid of March, Human Service Development and other health departments have faced a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Its servers were hit with thousands of connection requests within a few hours. The officials claimed that the servers dis not disturbed the network of the department. However, the implications of such attacks at this crucial time are evident if the service is interrupted for an expanded period.

Financial Services

A financial decline as a result of COVID-19 outbreak has already been predicted. Stock markets have been descending to their lowest in 20 years along with casting the overall impact on the investment and banking sectors. A survey shows threats to financial institutions which have formed in scale as cybercriminals grow their capabilities. This is a time where the financial industry is most vulnerable to highly targeted ransomware campaigns or spearphishing.

Medical Supplier And Manufacturing

During the outbreak, it is reported that the requirement of ventilators has been significantly increased in order to support the people who have most affected by the virus. The pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries are likely to feel the pressure of outbreak and would also be affected by any disruptive cyber attack. In a survey, it already shows that any attacks to these industries conducted by capable groups like TA505 would prove effective in their response to the outbreak.

Government Privacy And Surveillance

Many countries have integrated big data and smartphones to fight aginst the COVID 19. The development links to ongoing legal and technological concerns about the cybersecurity of government database and privacy security required when the governments accept and use personal information to monitor behaviour. Thus, it will enable health experts to overlook cybersecurity in favour of technological aspects that would result in preventing life and death emergencies.

The impact of COVID-19 will affect society and cyber security industries with adverse consequences. Many optimists suggest taking measures to overcome and survive this pandemic. Those industries that are taking measures to withstand it will be in a much better and stronger place in the long-run.