How Artificial Reality Will Be Affected by Covid-19?

Millions of people are forced to work remotely during the COVID 19 pandemic and it will take a long time for things to get back to normal. This is where companies are figuring out the best collaboration tools. Companies are already teaming up through video conferencing platforms like Zoom and other messaging apps, but there is also another untapped way for the people to work together even if they are thousands of miles apart. This is where Artificial Reality (AR) comes in. Let’s have a look at how the ongoing outbreak will affect the world of artificial reality.

The COVID 19 pandemic is testing each facet of our infrastructure in terms of education, supply chains, networking, healthcare and a lot more. People are seeking new ways to do everything. For example, children are logging on Zoom for their online classes and food delivery apps are bogged down with a number of requests. Artificial intelligence will be the future adopted to assist customers to purchase the right things without the need to leave their house.

App Stores

Lockdowns have proven to be boon for mobile app store as well as apps download. It has resulted in increased revenue for the mobile artificial market. Due to the current crises, the biggest impact for AR app store revenue is in the category of games. Moreover, brick and mortal closure limitations have less impact on AR, but the supply chain divisions including retail, manufacturer and distribution have already delayed A-VR game titles. 

Artificial Reality Hardware Sales

COVID 19 outbreak could be a benefit for AR hardware demand as business and individuals seem to stay connected during the crises. However, brick and mortar retail crises could pose a negative impact on AR hardware. In the short term, supply chain disruptions look to have a particular impact on the company’s AR hardware supply chains. Thus, it is important to monitor whether or not it becomes a huge factor in the upcoming years.

COVID 19 has a very less negative impact on the AR while it’s contributing a lot to make as many benefits as possible in the various sectors. Looking and hearing possible realities through the power of AR can stir our willingness to welcome and activate positive changes in the world. Let’s make it as our united goal and dedication to build for the best of humanity.