COVID Impact On Gaming Industry

As people around the world are forced to live indoors, many are picking and returning to games as a method of escapism. Many industries and sectors are facing the biggest challenges including sales, education. Tourism and a lot many, while on the other hand, the gaming industry appears to be thriving during the existing COVID 19 pandemic. The latest research shows 115% of increment in gaming usage during the last months that never used to be before the outbreak. Let us have a look at how the outbreak has affected the gaming industry so far.

Mobile Gaming And COVID 19

Interesting things are occurring for mobile game designers and studios. As people are quarantined they have enough time to play games. This made some games to climb the ladder in the app stores and get a better ranking. It seems that things are looking good for the gaming sector.

Game Searches Increases Due To Social Distancing

The outbreak results in an increased number of video game players and entire website traffic seem to double during these last months. It thus shows a measurable and clear demand for gaming in the current COVID 19 environment. Mobile management games have surged by 87% which are followed by social games at 36% and puzzle games at 50%. Meanwhile, idle video games haven’t seen an increment in traffic during this period as consumers are looking for a more challenging and interactive title as they are bounded of social distancing.

Users Turn To Fantasy Sports Due To Cancellation Of Live Sports

Several tournaments and major leagues of sports events are cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. They will be seen to halt till the further notice. However, the legend gaming series is expected to perform even better than expected. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, they are supposed to provide daily fantasy sports as a result of sports cancellation. Moreover, they are getting 4,500- 5,000 users each day which is about 1,000 more than what they used to have in live NBA games.

In-Game Items Trading Platforms Are Becoming The Fastest Growing Markets

The trading platforms of in-game items are also experiencing growth during the past few months. The several users from countries including Italy, China, UK and many more have seen to trade across the platforms up to 65%. It follows basic marketing trends to attract more users online. Now, it has currently become the fast-growing market in the gaming industry.

As people are looking for recreational activities in the times of lockdown, the gaming market is expected to grow drastically. It will witness an ecosystem of creative designers, engaged gamers and developers with a great amount of investment flowing into the production and sector of locally themed games.