Cool iPhone Tips!

Our iPhones are an incredibly powerful machine. Apart from some of its well-known features, Apple has also managed to keep some lesser-known and some undiscovered features as well that are equally interesting and useful. Today, in this article, we would be sharing some of these lesser-known features with you:

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Create custom alerts for different contacts

iPhone allows you to set a custom alert tone for different contacts in your contact book, so that you would know who’s calling or texting, without even looking at your phone’s notifications. Here’s how you can set this custom tone: 

  • Open your Contacts,
  • Tap on the particular contact you want to set a custom ringtone for,
  • Tap Edit and then select either ‘Ringtone’ or ‘Text Tone’. 

There you go! You’ve just set a custom ringtone for a contact on your phone. 

Use iPhone as a magnifying glass

Ever wonder how many different tools your iPhone can turn into? Well, we’re are here to shock you- your iPhone can turn into a magnifying glass! This feature is particularly found to be useful for far-sighted people who find it difficult to read the fine print. To do this: 

  • Open ‘Settings’,
  • Got to ‘Accessibility’ and open ‘Magnifier’ and
  • Toggle on the Magnifier.

Wasn’t that simple? All you’ve to do now is triple-click the home button and your iPhone’s camera would turn into a magnifying glass.

Connect two pairs of AirPods to the same iPhone

Now this one is a particularly important feature that we think you’d all like to know, considering the hype around Apple’s AirPods. You can easily connect two pairs of AirPods to a single iPhone and listen to the same music on both! This is a great feature and will come in handy during your much-awaited road trip with your buddy. To activate this:

  • Flick the charging case lid open and hold the pairing button on the back of the AirPods till the light turns white,
  • Then, bring the AirPods close to the iPhone you wish to connect them with,
  • Connect via the top-up menu that shows up on your iPhone,
  • Repeat the same steps to connect the second pair of AirPods to your iPhone,
  • Finally, tap the Airplay button on the iPhone in use and select the second pair of AirPods you connected to your iPhone. 

Move multiple apps at once

We know how tedious it can get to shuffle and organize your apps, but we come bearing some good news for you all. With the new iOS, you can move multiple apps at once on your iPhone. Tod o this, simply:

  • Tap and hold any of your apps to enter the iOS’s jiggle mode,
  • Select the ‘Edit Home Screen’ option, 
  • Move then app slightly so that the ‘X’ mark in the top-left corner of the icon vanishes,
  • Then you can just Tapp all other apps that you want to move to a new position or screen. 

Remove the last digit in Calculator app swiftly

A problem that we’ve all come across while using our calculators is that if we happen to write a wrong digit, our lengthy calculation just goes to waste because we would then have to press ‘Clear (C)’ and start the calculation all over again. We’ve got a life-saver solution for you! If you’ve entered a wrong digit as the last digit of your figure, you can simply swipe your finger left or right of the figure entered and this gesture would delete the last digit of the figure. Each swipe deleted the last digit until you’re left with zero. 

We hope these cool tricks become your savior in need!