Technological Advancements in Grooming

This is the era of new-age technology and automation. People of this generation are greatly dependent on electronic gadgets and various other software systems. Lots of developers are bringing up innovations back to back, making our lives more advanced. Microsoft, iOS, and android are few of the developments in the world of automation that have been popular among the masses and find their place in the daily lives of people all over the world.

There is always a debate while choosing the type of OS needed for a smartphone. Some people prefer android while others prefer iOS. The thing is both these operating systems are advancing day by day with the latest releases and new versions. The iPhones which work on the iOS are working currently with the iOS 13 version which was released in 2019. A new version of iOS is said to be released during 2020.

The Advancements of Technology

When price comes into picture most of them prefer android phones. Although various versions of iOS are being introduced, android has the advantage of downloading apps from various websites. iOS developed by Apple and android developed by Google have various advantages and features of their own, however, while comparing both of them, by far, android is said to be better because of its customization.

One of the highly grossing software companies is Microsoft developed by Bill Gates. This software has various applications like the MS-WORD, MS-OFFICE, MS-OUTLOOK, etc. Although it has been so many years since Microsoft was launched, it continues to maintain its no.1 position because of its user-friendly features. Microsoft also made its browser-The internet Explorer which was once the most widely used browser. The various versions of Microsoft windows introduced by this company are one of the reasons why it reached its zenith of success.

Hence with all these advancements in the automation and software industry, it’s going to be highly necessary for the people to update themselves with all the latest releases, for,’ The age of technology’ has begun although we stand with a ray of hope that with all these new advancements, our personal lives would remain unchanged