5 Interesting Facts You Need to Know about iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most popular smartphones in the world. No other smartphone has been able to battle against iPhone regarding its recognition among the people. Even though tons of people in the world use this product, many are still oblivious to some amazing facts about this smartphone. Therefore, here is a list of the 5 fascinating facts that everyone should be familiar with iPhone –

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iPhones can work without having a power button

Isn’t it a little bit surprising that your smartphone can work without a power button? Almost all electronic devices have power buttons or power switches. But if the power button in your iPhone ever breaks down, then it won’t stop working, instead of that it will display a small icon on the screen that will allocate you to lock your phone without the help of a physical button. One can also turn his or her phone off using this icon. Apart from all these, your phone will automatically turn on when you plug it in.

Keep it on airplane mode and it will last for a long time

An iPhone’s battery lasts forever when on airplane mode. Airplane modes are not just for flights, one can use the feature for saving battery as well. So use it when you are in the need to save charge in your battery and you will use your smartphone for a long time out of a single charge. While traveling put your iPhone on airplane mode and use it for long hours without taking a break.

iPhone updates apps without your intervention

iPhone updates apps automatically when they are available on the app store. The arrival of ios7 made the feature available for its users. But it sometimes eats up a lot of charge in your battery. So, whenever you face a problem like that, just go the “settings” then click on iTunes & App Store and turn off “updates” located below “automatic downloads”.

It can read out your e-mail for you

The virtual assistant Siri can read your mails too when you’re driving or occupied with some work. What you need to do is ask Siri to read out your most recent e-mail and it will start reading within just a second. You can even ask Siri to read a message you have received from a definite person and Siri will confirm and read them aloud. Therefore, Siri is more helpful than just you know.

With iPhone, you can permanently lock your camera’s autofocus and exposure

Focus on camera is important to make a subject stand out from or blend into its surroundings and the right focus can create a touching association with the viewer. But it becomes so annoying when you try to click a picture with your smartphone and it continuously alters its focus. But it is possible to stop that from happening with an iPhone. You just need to hold your finger on top of the screen and focus on the location. Then wait for a fraction of a second so that the yellow square can flash twice and you will get a notification saying “AE/AF Lock”. With that you can take a lot of pictures without your focus and exposure constantly bouncing around.